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CalAmp 130215 Comb Filter

Well curiosity killed the KAT....

I had to take the cover off the input filter...BTW...two shims will fall
out, would the next explorer please let me know where they were supposed to
go originally...

The filter is not etched into the board like other styles of downconverters
we have seen, it is actually a copper extrusion sliced about 5/32" thick and
floats in a "cavity" for want of a better word, built into the casting. The
tuning screws are theaded through the cover which goes over the  cavity, and
are aligned with each finger.

There are two long "grounding screws" which run between the outside two
fingers. Not much care was taken by the assembler to keep these vertical, so
if you have a "dead" converter you might want to check to see if one of
these screws has come in contact with a finger.

Again, the two shims that will fall out are maybe 1/8 x 1" copper...some
adventurer please let me know where they go....

I have added a picture of the filter to the other 3.

One last note...the original board part number was 130038/B and 130217 is
hand marked below it.

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