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Interior Pictures of the CalAmp 130215

I actually removed the 11 screws and pried one of my new CalAmps open...

As I mentioned to Drew...it looks more intricate than past downconverter

The 7 pole input filter is fully encased and each pole is tuned capacitivly
by its own tuning screw as Bill - N6GHz mentioned.....I don't know if tape
will work here...someone with more brains than I have left will have to
figure that one out.

What is interesting is that the stock IF for 2400 MIGHT BE 22 MHz. (Just
above the 15 Meter Band) so any ham / SW receiver might work...still working
on that one.

I have pictures, in JPG form, 3 should show most of what you would want to
know before you undo your 11 screws. I haven't got time to post them right
now but I will email them to anyone interested, preferably in groups. They
are about 150Kb each.
Let's put them in the public domain so if anyone wants to start a webpage
collecting all this info they can use them.

Please reply directly if you want the pictures, no sense running them
through the board.

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