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Keps available in PDB form

For those of you using PocketSat or PocketSat+ satellite tracking 
program for PalmOS PDAs, the weekly Keplerian elements bulletins from 
AMSAT are now available in PDB format for direct import into the 
program. The PDB file will be updated automatically each week, 
shortly after the Keplerian elements bulletins go out to the KEPS 
mailing list. (This is permitted as a secondary redistribution of the 
AMSAT Keps bulletins.)

You can get the weekly PDB file with a web browser from:


... or you can use an FTP program to get them from host 
ftp.amsat.org, directory /amsat/keps/current, filename amsat.pdb. 
Username "anonymous", and use your email address for the password. 
Download in binary mode.

For info on PocketSat and PocketSat+, including instructions on how 
to import elements from a PDB file, see the BigFatTail Productions 
web site at http://www.bigfattail.com (not affiliated with AMSAT).

For other programs, the same directory contains the elements in three 
other formats: AMSAT verbose format and NASA two-line format, both 
formatted as packet BBS bulletins, and NASA two-line format stripped 
of all extraneous text. Here are the URLs for those formats:


One of these formats should satisfy most satellite tracking programs. 
For more about Keplerian elements in general, see 

73  -Paul
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