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Re: RE: S band for 6 bucks

At 01:56 PM 6/9/2005 -0400, Woody wrote:
>Hi Bill:
>Many AMSAT members have bought these units.  I believe that it would be 
>very appropriate to post your test results to the BBS.

In response to Bill's findings,  If you have a receiver that tunes 120-123
MHz, then modification may be simply bypassing the input filter (not
trivializing this, but it is less to do).  Many of the MMDS converters IF
ouput is broadband enough for use on 120-144 MHz IF's.  If the input match
is hard to achieve, on may need to consider a preamp which should overcome
any loss of sensitivity.

I realize that with $6 expended you are going for the cheap solution.  Even
if you need a preamp this is pretty cheap!  If you invest in the preamp,
you can justify that you are getting ready for P3E and Eagle s-band
operation...which I assume you might want to do, eventually.

I have an expensive preamp (MKU-232A2) and a moderate cost preamp
(DEMI-13ULNA) to drive my two $33 Drake converters.  I am holding onto the
extra preamp since I may install one set on my 8-foot dish later on.  I
plan to maintain my 33-inch dish with MKU-232A2 and one Drake (probably the
unmodified 123-MHz unit) for telemetry and unattended operation using the

One could do the same with the Cal Amp MMDS units?  This might solve the
144-MHz IF conflict that many have complained about. 
Ed - KL7UW  <new call>
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