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To much power on satellites


Last time I posted some message about to much uplink
power use on the satellites.

I received some messages from worried (beginner) radio
amateurs who sometimes did not hear their downlink and
were afraid to use some more uplink power.

I am not against a beginner who makes one or two short
contacts with a little to much power. (read: not to
block the satellite a whole pass)
The one I make problems with is the one that talks to
its neighbour friend, just 5km from his house and
blocking a whole satellite for more than half the

The same issue is for using FM on linear transponders.
Just for an experiment I will give no problem. Also
for stations in countries where ssb is not available I
will give no comment. The stations in countries where
ssb is plenty available and use FM just for a chat I
don't agree.

So far the communication is experimental, or a SHORT
test I will say, go ahead.
When the communication is like a telephone, please low
your power and use ssb/cw...

Its the same for the FM birds. They are like seizured
by dx-ers. I have often done 9k6 FSK via these birds
as an experiment, just between the noise of voice take
overs. I didn't caused interference with the DX-ers,
and we all were happy.   

Its what we call ham spirit,

As experiment I would like to see some (short)
full-duplex test with 19k2 communication (or more) via
HAMSAT. Unfortunatly I don't have the equipment but in
technical way it would be interresting to do.

A full duplex 9k6 test I have done with the
transponder that is now on HAMSAT. It was at the time
of testing the model after construction at my home,
together with ON5GS in Belgium.

Just some ideas :o)

73 William
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