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RE: S band for 6 bucks

Hi All:

Drew, K4OMA posted a message to the BBS several days ago about a great 
deal on some
$6 S-Band downconverters that he found on eBay.


There was some confusion in several follow-up messages due to some 
incorrect information from California Amplifier.  According to Cal Amp 
tech support, the downconverters were C-Band units instead of S-Band 
units.  They were totally WRONG.

Drew posted correct information later that day confirming that the 
downconverters were in fact S-Band units with an IF output of  121 to 
307 MHz.

However, because some messages that are sent to the BBS are sometimes 
delayed for several hours before they resent by the BBS, the many 
messages about the downconverters were confusing to some members.

My two downconverters arrived today.  The downconverters are definitely 
S-band.  I have opened up one of them.  It was made in 1995 and it is 
very well constructed.  Both units are new, in-the-box and include a 
mast mounting clamp.

The specs are:

31 Channel Downconverter made by California Amplifier
High Grain Option
I.F. 121 to 307 MHz
Part no. 130215
VDC +16 to +24

The seller still has 35 units remaining @ $5.99 each.  Shipping is $7.70 
for 1 to 5 units.

The eBay website is:


I have searched the Internet looking for documentation on the 
downconverters without any success.  If anyone has a copy of the 
schematic, or knows where one can be found, please post the info to the 


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