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Re: TH-D7a(G) questions...

>>> "Dave G." <dmg@bossig.com> 06/08/05 8:08 PM >>>
O.K., My TH-D7A(G) arrived today :-))

Here is how to start learning about APRS
1) Set band A to 144.39 anywhere in the USA
2) select APRS menu and 
     - set your MYCALL.
     - set MY POSITION to your approximate LAT/LONG
     - set TX interval to 5 minutes
     - set packet path to WIDE2-2
     - set DATA TX to AUTO
Then press the TNC button to turn on
the TNC and you should start capturing
everythihng that is going on around you...
Press the LIST button to check it out.
You will receive over 200 pages of into
on the last 40 APRS stations around you 
Have fun!

Bob, Wb4APR
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