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TH-D7a(G) questions...

O.K., My TH-D7A(G) arrived today :-))
I have charged the batteries (1 regular and 1 spare).
 I bought the HT to PC cable and verified that it works 
(using the Kenwood memory program). Although it didn't want 
to work on XP on the first install??.  
I have verified that I can raise and listen to one of the 
local repeaters with it :^) So I do have output and input.
I have ordered the SMA->BNC adaptor so I can use my Arrrow 
antenna. SHould arrive tomorrow...

Would somebody who has one of these HT's care to start 
exchanging emails with me and guide me through setting up 
for, and accessing, the birds, and using APRS (for grid 
Some of questions I have are

1) What are the general settings I should use on the HT - 
there are lots to choose from.
2) How to set up the HT to listen (and talk) to the FM birds?
3) Which bird should I use and what Fqy's to plug into the 
memories (I gather I shall have to set the HT in Duplex 
4) What program do I need to install on the PC to use APRS?
5) What should I be asking...

Please reply off-list --- bandwidth is such a precious 

Thanks in advance to all who respond.... 

Dave KK7SS
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