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RE: HT question...

Quoting "Dave G." <dmg@bossig.com>:
> Due to old growth trees, residential power lines, cable
> drops, etc., etc., I cannot 'see' any bird that is below 45
> degree elevation except for a small 55 degree segment to the
> east where I can get down to 30 degree.
> . I have decided that I have to get out into the open to try
> to work them... I already have my Arrow antenna   :^)
> So now I'm looking at getting a (handheld) portable rig...
> Not wishing to start any 'Flame Wars' but I need to resolve a
> question before committing my hard-earned (Social Security)
> cash to a dealer.....
> The FT-817 is out as I know it is not dual RX.
> That (according to the catalogues) leaves the ICOM IC-W32A,
> Kenwood TH-F6A and the Yaesu VX-7R all listed as being dual
> receive...
> From reading the archives... Am I correct in saying that the
> IC-W32A is the only one that can transmit on one frequency
> for the uplink  and simultaneously monitor the downlink and
> is therefore usable for the birds ??
> And (probably a stupid question) does any one have one they
> wish to sell ??
> Please reply direct to me to save burning up bandwidth...
> Thanks in advance
> Dave KK7SS

Hi Dave:

Here's a list of full duplex handhelds that was posted some time ago by
Alinco DJ-G5T
Alinco DJ-580T needs 12V battery pack EPB-28NH
Icom IC-W2A
Icom IC-W32
Kenwood TH-77
Kenwood TH-78 Full Duplex?
Kenwood TH-79(AD) Mod required to receive satellite sub-band
Kenwood TH-D7 Voice and digital modes
Yaesu FT-470
Yaesu FT-530
Yaesu FT-50R
Yaesu FR-51R

I believe that the IC-W32 and the Kenwood TH-D7 are currently the most
popular. I've personally used both the FT-470 and the TH-D7 with good

BTW: I don't think that "dual receive" is the same as full duplex. Better
make sure before you spend your money.

Steve .. AI7W
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