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Re: Re: Tried but 5 watts and an Arrow.....

Okay, I can't keep quiet any longer. I wonder how many people really have
that much trouble with five Watts and an Arrow.  I have now activated 20
grids that way, and have never had much trouble.  I've never taken over the
bird and run it like a directed net, but I always seem to get the Qs in.  I
saw Drew do the same thing at Dayton.  I agree Alligators are bad, but QRP
operating has always demand a little more.  I'm a big fan of practicing
before taking the system on the road, it really does help!  The same thing
for Field Day drag your stuff out and practice a little bit.  Field Day is
probably not the best time to make your first satellite contact either.

kk0sd - QRP portable from 12 states so far.
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