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[Fwd: [Polysat] Important: DNEPR Launch Date Info]

What can I say that makes any sense whatever!  It's been delayed
and CUBESAT, in the usual way that we have to operate, conformed!!
Don't ask!! Don't conform, I do not know what is going on!!!  We
have to do what cheep Univsities have to do.  We are the last to
know and the last to know what is coming down!   GEEZE!!!!
Cliff K7RR (most uninformed mentor to CUBESAT and the dumbest!!!!!)


There have been questions regarding the launch date.  We have received word
from ISC Kosmotras from the First Deputy Director General that the launch
has been postponed once again.  The following is an excerpt of the official
letter that was sent from ISC Kosmotras.  With the following postponement of
the launch Cal Poly is willing to perform any charging of batteries prior to
delivery to the launch site to be determined in early July 2005.
"...As you know, the launch date has been postponed for several times, and,
as of now, the preliminary date of the launch is October, 2005.

The postponement has been caused by the unpreparedness of the EgyptSat-1
spacecraft developed by SDO Yuzhnoye for the launch because of the delay in
its ground testing brought about by technical reasons.  At present time the
EgyptSat-1 ground testing is being completed at SDO Yuzhnoye, the scheduled
deadline is June 30, 2005.

At the same time, the DNEPR LV and modified SHM including the SC/LV adaptors
are at Baikonur now being ready for the launch campaign commencement.  The
other spacecraft are ready for the shipment to Baikonur.

So, in early July 2005 we shall define the launch date officially with
consideration of the EgyptSat-1 testing results.  Besides, since the launch
period specified in the Contract changes we will submit, along with that, a
draft addendum to the LSA with the indication of the updated launch period -
October 01st, 2005 - December 31st, 2005..."

Simon Lee
CubeSat Coordinator
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