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Fieldday results & pictures

PE1RXJ and PA3GUO had a great fieldday in the Netherlands!

Pictures of our set-up are on the following website:

Frans PE1RXJ worked extremely hard to get his antenna array
in place on time (2x 4 elements 145 Mhz + 2x 7 elements 435 Mhz).

Our focus was on satellites only. We worked HAMSAT (145/440), 
AO51 (145/435), ISS (145), AO7 (145/29) and FO29(145/435) on 
multiple passes on Saturday.

Both our stations were quite successfull and we managed to make 
several contacts over several satellites. Most fun was the AO51
demo using Frans' antenna array & 2 Kenwood portables (5W).
Normally AO51 requires quite some uplink power here, but we 
managed to do with 5W only during ~4 degrees elevation, see
the last picture on the website.

My biggest issue was battery power, the start-up current of the 
TS2000X (around 3A) was clearly too much for my battery.

Henk, PA3GUO
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