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Re: Tried but 5 watts and an Arrow.....

The  age-old problem  still exists  but mostly 
with the analog birds (FO-29, AO-7,  VO-52,  Etc.)

There are a lot of stations that CANNOT HEAR!
So they jack up their power on the uplink until they 
can hear themselves.   (Sometimes they still can't 
hear themselves). And they can't hear anybody that's calling 

But  everybody else hears them, and hears the background
noise  going up and down following their overpowering signal. 

I think most of the folks who use this AMSAT-BB already know
this.  And it's too bad the ones who can't hear  don't subscribe to 
this list so they would get the message. 

As William said,  this is a bad deal for everybody including the 
satellite itself.

There's nothing wrong with putting up BIG receiving antennas and 
using preamps!  You can still be a QRP'er!  Run low power on the uplink
and have big hairy ears! 

John, K6YK
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