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Re: Re: Tried but 5 watts and an Arrow.....

A very good reply to my tongue-in-cheek comment.

Let us hope the guilty read your reply!


William Leijenaar wrote:

>Hi Jim,
>Why alligators shouldn't be on satellites is very
>First, on the HF bands more RF power will give more
>power at the RX side. With satellites this is not the
>case. The satellite has a limited output power and
>will not give more downlink power with more uplink
>Secondly, with to much uplink power the satellite will
>go into AGC mode to keep linear. This AGC will make
>the whole transponder passband less sensitive. Because
>of that only one aligator will make it impossible for
>all medium to small stations to work via the
>Third, the aligator will use lots of satellite battery
>power and lower the satellites lifetime.
>Fourth, to much uplink power means that these hams
>don't have a good rx side, or don't have a real ham
>spirit. The first I would suggest they sell their PA
>and buy for the money a mast-pre-amp. The second, the
>one with no ham spirit, should be vaporized by such
>"Start Wars" laser gun I mentioned before :o)
>73 PE1RAH
>--- Jim Wright <wa4ivm@amsat.org> wrote:
>    Aligators are everywhere on the ham bands!  
>Why should they not be on the birds, too????  
>I  hope the "California Kilowatts" don't follow!
>William Leijenaar wrote:
>Hi Barry,  
>Sorry folks  I tried on Saturday morning and night    
>from >FM06.  I had a   
>small southern window to use because of trees.  
>Toomany high power stations and not enough power on my
>end.  Oh well    
>what >can you do.Satellite builders also don't know
>what to do withthem.The LEILA system on AO40 was a
>good idea, but it stilldoesn't change these hams their
>minds.The next solution would be a high power laser
>gun onthe satellite to evaporizes the high power
>uplinkstations. Maybe I should ask the US President
>how farhigh "Star Wars" project is hahaha...   
>73 PE1RAHWilliam---Stay connected, organized, and
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