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Re: Re: Tried but 5 watts and an Arrow.....

Hi Jim,

Why alligators shouldn't be on satellites is very

First, on the HF bands more RF power will give more
power at the RX side. With satellites this is not the
case. The satellite has a limited output power and
will not give more downlink power with more uplink

Secondly, with to much uplink power the satellite will
go into AGC mode to keep linear. This AGC will make
the whole transponder passband less sensitive. Because
of that only one aligator will make it impossible for
all medium to small stations to work via the

Third, the aligator will use lots of satellite battery
power and lower the satellites lifetime.

Fourth, to much uplink power means that these hams
don't have a good rx side, or don't have a real ham
spirit. The first I would suggest they sell their PA
and buy for the money a mast-pre-amp. The second, the
one with no ham spirit, should be vaporized by such
"Start Wars" laser gun I mentioned before :o)


--- Jim Wright <wa4ivm@amsat.org> wrote:
    Aligators are everywhere on the ham bands!  
Why should they not be on the birds, too????  
I  hope the "California Kilowatts" don't follow!


William Leijenaar wrote:
Hi Barry,  
Sorry folks  I tried on Saturday morning and night    
from >FM06.  I had a   
small southern window to use because of trees.  
Toomany high power stations and not enough power on my
end.  Oh well    
what >can you do.Satellite builders also don't know
what to do withthem.The LEILA system on AO40 was a
good idea, but it stilldoesn't change these hams their
minds.The next solution would be a high power laser
gun onthe satellite to evaporizes the high power
uplinkstations. Maybe I should ask the US President
how farhigh "Star Wars" project is hahaha...   
73 PE1RAHWilliam---Stay connected, organized, and
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