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Re: RE: 2m to 10m to 70cm converters

>>> "John B. Stephensen" <kd6ozh@verizon.net> 
>High-power varactors are very hard to obtain and 
>1N4148's generate only tens of milliwatts. 

Yes, that was why I suggested paralleling 36 of them
Using the 10 cent surface mount parts, 36 of them in
parallel in a 6x6 stack would be no bigger than a dice, 
have low lead inductance and could handle probably 
10 watts easily.  If you get a watt at the output on
435 MHz, that would do with a beam..

But it only makes sense then to add a 10W brick
after the filters.  That shouldnt be more than
say $50...

de WB4APR, Bob
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