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RE: RE: 2m to 10m to 70cm converters

Message text written by William Leijenaar

Thanks for the information.
I see that 2m downconverters are not a big problem.
The biggest problem is only to get from HF on 70cm

These upconverters from 28MHz to 435MHz are very rare
and the once that are available are pretty expensive.
The "DEM 432-28" from DownEast Microwave is the only
interresting what I found.

Many thanks for the information,

73 William
FWIW: if anyone is interested in building their own,
I can email my 1991 QST article on a 10M to 70cm transverter.
Easy enough to build and tune without test gear. One
could build the transmit and LO sections only for U uplink.

It's in 3 .zipped pdf, each less than 1 Mb because I have
 had trouble sending the whole thing to some mailboxes.
If you can take a 6Mb file, that's easier.

Ed K9EK (ex KA9LNV)
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