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RE: RE: 2m to 10m to 70cm converters

>>> William Leijenaar <pe1rah@yahoo.com> 
>The biggest problem is only to get from 
>HF on 70cm uplink.  These upconverters from 
>28MHz to 435MHz are very rare and...expensive.

But they dont have to be I dont think.  Remember
the old high-level varactor diodes.  Just one
active part.  Hit it with plenty of power at 14
MHz SSB and plenty of power at 449 MHz
carrier from two rigs and then filter the resulting
RF mess to only pass 435 MHz and you should
be able to get a few watts there.

In fact, I thought these days if you cant find the
old high-power varactor diodes, that  you can
simply parallel say about 36 1N4148's to handle
the power and do the same thing.

This depends heavily on people building the 
good filters on the output to keep all
spurrs down.  But it should work.  This high-level
mixer doesnt even need a power supply.
It is totally passive.

I'd love to have time to experiment with this,
but alas, no time...

de Wb4APR, Bob
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