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Re: S band for 6 bucks...

Well, I trusted that they were responding to BOTH numbers, but then again, I 
received a second e-mail from a different person at CalAmp who said that 
they were so old that no information was available on them................. 
so, who really knows?

As Drew said, we will all find out when he gets them.

George, KA3HSW

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> Hi George et al....
> In your email it looks as though you might have supplied CalAmp 2 numbers:
>> >in whether either unit is for 2.4 GHz, and if so, what the IF frequency
>> >is, for possible Amateur Radio satellite use.
>> >
>> >Model 130215
>> >
>> >Model 150318-1/F5322-01
>> >
>> >Thank you.
> For the second number I found this:
> California Amplifier DBS Subscriber Unit Stacked KU Model 150318 also
> marketed as the FoxCom SDTV Downconverter Model #5322-75 has been
> discontinued but you can still get them from:
> Toner Cable in Pennsylvania. MSRP $74.95
> Could they have been responding to the second of the two part numbers?
> (I bought 2 anyway...)
> Roger
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