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Re: Field Day: Who's working what sat?

 >>If I can get a dish working, we'll take a stab at AO51, too!


>> Wanted to work AO-51, but with their current schedule, its the only
>> S-Band sat out there, so I'm not dragging my gear out for just one sat.

No dish or large amount of gear needed. Try the downconverter with dish feed 
attached held in one hand and pointed within 20-30 degrees.


One person points and tunes the downlink, one works the uplink (5 watts from 
a HT and long rubber duck is enough ). No computers, no tracking rotors, no 
amps. 2 HTs, a whip, a d/c and dish feed, and a little battery for the d/c. 
This and a pass or two for practice the week before is all it takes........

73, Drew KO4MA 
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