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Field Day: Who's working what sat?


Getting my gear together for working Sats on Field Day, and wondering 
where the action is going to be?

Wanted to work AO-51, but with their current schedule, its the only 
S-Band sat out there, so I'm not dragging my gear out for just one sat.

Currently thinking of:

       FO-29 SSB
       SO-50 FM
       ISS FM & Pkt
       VU-52, if I feel like taking the preamp off...
       SO-41 FM ?? if its working

Any other's I should consider?  Just going to have V & U Eggbeaters 
out....no rotors or beams.

Hope to see you on the birds!  I'll be there as W7QT  5A WWA  CN87

-- John Allen, KD7SEE
-- Asst. Emergency Coordinator
-- City of Redmond ARES Team
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