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Re: S band for 6 bucks...

Hi George et al....

In your email it looks as though you might have supplied CalAmp 2 numbers:

> >in whether either unit is for 2.4 GHz, and if so, what the IF frequency
> >is, for possible Amateur Radio satellite use.
> >
> >Model 130215
> >
> >Model 150318-1/F5322-01
> >
> >Thank you.

For the second number I found this:

California Amplifier DBS Subscriber Unit Stacked KU Model 150318 also
marketed as the FoxCom SDTV Downconverter Model #5322-75 has been
discontinued but you can still get them from:
Toner Cable in Pennsylvania. MSRP $74.95
Could they have been responding to the second of the two part numbers?

(I bought 2 anyway...)


> Sure thing, Drew...  here is the message which I received from Rick Moore
at CalAmp
> after inquiring about the model you purchased, as well as another unit
which was listed by
> someone else.
> >George,
> >
> >These are C-band units, 3.7-4.2GHz.
> >
> >Rick Moore
> >805-419-8430 Office
> >805-750-9370 Mobile
> >805-987-8359 Fax
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