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RE: Rohn / Radian clarification


Thanks for the much more thorough and accurate explanation of what has been
happening with Rohn products.  I ran into the the shortage "issue" last
summer when purchasing parts for my Rohn-25 2m-eme tower.  I now recall my
supplier (Frigid North Electronics of Anchorage) telling me of the
bankrupcy and Radian purchase.  I tried unsuccessfully to secure a "25"
beacon plate for the top of my tower (I did not want to use either the
normal pointed top section or the more expensive bearing plate since my
antennas are mounted on a Hazer Lift).  I ended up using the left-over
hinge base plate turned upside down and four pieces of pipe to mate to the
legs of the top tower section (it was previously used to support the
40-foot tower but not when I retrofitted using a self -supporting base
using the 5-foot concrete base section).

I still maintain that the TB25 sounds like a Rohn part number.

My supplier did caution me that they were unsure of the quality of the
replacement source of Rohn products they were receiving.  It does sound
like one needs to find out who is sourcing your local Rohn tower
distributor because now it seems there may be three companies making "Rohn"

I have 50-foot of new Rohn-25 in my barn that is the original product which
I hope to put up later this year.  I will need a 5-foot concrete base
section, bearing plate with thrust bearing, and guy plates for it.  I'm
hoping there is no supply issues this year.

The good thing is there seems to be an ample supply up here of used tower
coming from commercial use.  The going price for used Rohn-25 ten-foot
sections is $50 up here (new ones run $150, mostly due to shipping expense).


At 08:34 AM 6/3/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Ed -
>I believe I need to clarify your statement about Rohn - which is incorrect -
>and other amateurs may be aware of developments with Rohn over past couple of
>I grew up west of Peoria (long time HQ of Rohn) and had several friends /
>classmates who worked for them through the years.
>1.  Rohn has been in business over 40 years (and was started by a local
>investors after WW2).  Motorola (Mr. Gavin) played a role in using Rohn
>for the expanding land mobile business after WW2.  Over the past 2 decades
>Rohn was owned by a couple of conglomerates --  UNARCO being the best known
>and advertised - and better known for mfg. the metal grocery carts used by
>2. While, I won't specifically blame UNARCO, I am aware that their management
>caused grew upheaval at the Rohn tower operations at Peoria during the 1990s.
>It is no secret that Rohn "missed" (appropriate "Monopole" designs/products)
>for the cellular tower "boom" in the late 1980s and 1990s - when needed.
>Today, they do have a monopole product.
>3. Thomas Shelby purchase the Rohn "BX" tower series a few years ago (and is
>still making this tower series)
>4. Rohn established a manufacturing operation in Nappanee. Indiana in the
>1990s  -- which is now the "Nello" mfg. location.  I
> think that this was "spun off or sold" either just before or during the
>bankruptcy.  Nello is mfg. "N" series of towers that are compatible with the
>Rohn "G" series.
>"World Tower" a company in Mayfield, Kentucky is supposedly making a W25G
>tower product that is compatible?? with both Nello and Rohn
>5. In December of 2003, Radian was the successful bidder for the assets of
>ROHN Industries (during the bankruptcy proceedings).  Radian expanded its
>tower manufacturing capacity through the acquisition of the ROHN production
>plant (main one) located in Peoria IL
>There was some disruption of Rohn product shipments during this brief
>changeover in early 2004 - but this NOT the case today.
>6. Radian is producing Rohn tower at the same Peoria location Rohn has always
>been made at !
>If you have any further questions, Mr. Mark Triplett at 1 972 669 5175 is the
>Radian / Rohn sales representative for Alaska, the Western US / Western
>Dick and Kevin,
>The thrust bearing model no. sounds very much like a Rohn Tower part
>number.  You probably know that Rohn has essentially gone out of business
>(another tower company is producing a reasonable(?) copy).  My guess Glen
>Martin was supplied by Rohn.
>I have one of these bearings on my Glen Martin Hazer-4's.  I hope that it
>will not be too difficult to find tower thrust bearings in the future, as I
>have a couple more towers to "plant".  I will print Kevin's information for
>my file....thanks!
>Ed - KL7UW  <new call>
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