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Re: Thrust Bearing for Glen Martin Tower

At 09:47 PM 6/2/2005 -0700, kevin schuchmann wrote:
>>I just acquired a Glen Martin RT-936 tower for my satellite antennas.   I 
>>want to mount the az rotor in the tower and the ele rotor above.   Planned 
>>on using their TB-25 thrust bearing on the top.
>> I called to order one the other day and I was kindly informed they no 
>> longer have them and they are discontinued.   The lady told me she had 
>> heard the Yaesu thurst bearing would work.  Purchased one of those from 
>> HRO and it is not even close to the right size to fit on the thrust 
>> bearing mount on the tower.
>> Does anybody no what bearing will fit, or is Glen Martin making a tower 
>> and top piece for which no thrust bearing is available?
>> Thanks
>> Dick  K8ZTT ----
>  which Yaesu one did you get? I'm going to guess the GS-050, I wanted a 
>TB-25 sometime back
>and they were not available then either, but I found the the bigger Yaesu 
>GS-065 was a match for the TB-25
>bolt pattern...  this was on a RT-832 btw but if a TB-25 was suppose to work 
>on a RT-936 then the GS-065
>should fit.

Dick and Kevin,

The thrust bearing model no. sounds very much like a Rohn Tower part
number.  You probably know that Rohn has essentially gone out of business
(another tower company is producing a reasonable(?) copy).  My guess Glen
Martin was supplied by Rohn.

I have one of these bearings on my Glen Martin Hazer-4's.  I hope that it
will not be too difficult to find tower thrust bearings in the future, as I
have a couple more towers to "plant".  I will print Kevin's information for
my file....thanks!

Ed - KL7UW  <new call>
BP40iq,  Nikiski, AK      http://www.qsl.net/al7eb
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