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Hello All,

I am planning to give a demo of AO-51 to the Third Graders of Somerset 
Elementary.  It will be tomorrow 6/3/05 at about 10:31 here in Ohio. 
Planning on usinging IC 910h and full power to GulphAlpha antennas on Tx and 
Rx.  I plann to let as many students as possible get on the mic.  I talked 
to them about amateur radia and satellites on Tuesday.  They are planning to 
make pic's for suitsat too.  Some of the students seem very excited about 
the whole idea.

I'd appreciate any contacts that can be made. Some of the students may want 
to make a contact back to back.  Please QSL via the home call and I will see 
that the students get the card.

I am hoping to generate some interest in Amateur radio in general and Sats 
in particular.  Hopefully, some of the parents will be interested.  I know 
that another Kid's day is up comming, but I wanted to do something before 
school lets out for the summer.

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