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Re: Estimating Products of Internia and Magnetic Dipole on Cubesats

>>> "Daniel D. Kekez" <dkekez@utias-sfl.net> 6/2/2005 3:47:42 PM 
>2. Does anyone know of a good way to experimentally 
>estimate a nanosatellite's residual magnetic dipole?

Two ways:
Move a compus very carefully all around the satellite.  
Observe any deflections from North.  Plot.  Use that
data to infer a field.

Hang it on a string of monofiliment line several feet long
in a room with no air currents.  If it has a dipole, one
end will point north.  If you make your attachment string 
on a swivel so that you can swivel it say 45 degrees
at a time and then precisely record the exact orientation
that it decays to then that will also show any anomoly.

If it has no magnetism, then it will also settle at each 
new 45 degree setting.  If there is an offset, then you
can calculate the tortion in the spring and therefore
the residual magnetism maybe.    If you are using a
10 foot string, then you can take a 1 inch length of
string for example, twist it 10 times and then with
a little ingenuity measure the torsion then.  That torsion
over 3600 degrees of rotation over a 120 inch string
should get you down to about 10 to the -6 magnitude
for a 1 degree offset.

Just as an emperical test that is...
de Wb4APR, Bob
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