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Estimating Products of Internia and Magnetic Dipole on Cubesats

Hi All,

Work on the CanX-2 Nanosatellite (described at the 2004 AMSAT Symposium)
is proceeding smoothly at the University of Toronto. The Masters student
working on the attitude determination and control system had the
following questions, and I was wondering if anyone on the -bb could help:

1. Does anyone have ideas on how to practically test the products of
inertia of a nanosatellite (~3 kg in this case)?

2. Does anyone know of a good way to experimentally estimate a
nanosatellite's residual magnetic dipole?

Thank you in advance.

-Daniel, VA3KKZ

* Daniel D. Kekez, VA3KKZ
* M.A.Sc. Candidate, CanX-2 Project
* Space Flight Laboratory
* University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies
* http://www.utias-sfl.net/
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