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I love a challenge, and this is no different from any other type of contact, be it 20 meter phone, or 2M/432 SSB contacts, the challenge exists with low power users.

To enhance my use of this particular bird, I am going to run 2 radios with my arrow, and I am also going to include my GaAs FET preamp for the 435 downlink with a mode J desense filter I am building.
I need the gain the arrow provides, but I also appear to require a higher uplink signal as well, but I do not think that running more than 5 watts will net me much 'gain' during a pass than having a solid receive capability, hence the amp and filter combination I will be incorporating shortly.

If anybody uses the RCA digital voice recorder for logging contacts, forget it, taking the audio off the air is useless, and direct feeding to the Mic. input loads my RX audio on my Alinco DJ-580 dual bander so now the receive sounds muffled(padding anyone?).
I will have to try some form of pre/de emphasis for the speaker audio so I can hear the stations I worked clearly and not have to replay the recording over and over again to pull every tidbit of a call out from the noise level.

I think I am begining to look like a BORG with all the wires, radios and boxes dangling off of me......Not to mention pointing that arrow antenna at the sky(obviously trying to call Mars or something, maybe even the Enterprize perhaps?).

I know many of you are probably running 5 watts, but have much better antennas than the arrow, and I accept this and will have to work with what I have for the time being, so I guess all I can say is.....go for it.

I'll just have to do what I can with what I have in the meantime...
I've done so for UO-14, I can do it here as well...

I hope I can work all of you in due time from my little corner of the grid square in EN55.

Thank you for your valuable time!

Good luck on the birds and........

Ernest A. Erickson, ka9uce, EN55
3960 moen Lake Road
Rhinelander, WI. 54501

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