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RE: Orbital velocity question

I finally derived the equation in the Journal and it is correct.
Hope I can type this clearly....
The balancing force on a satellite at distance r is:
                        (GMm)/r**2 = mw**2r
G = gravity at surface, M = Earth mass  m=sat mass  r=distance from
center of Earth  w= angular velocity of sat
The Orbital Velocity  found from using the above and orb velocity :
v =  rw and g = GM/R**2 where g is gravity at sat and R is earth radius.
Solving the forced equation for wr we get SqRT(GM/r) =wr
Therefore v = SqRT (GM/R); solve g=GM/R**2  for GM we get g(R**2)
Substitute in v= SqRT (GM/r) GM=g(R**2) and you get:
            V = SqRT (( gR**2)/r)
73,  John 
N4NAB/ FM14lq
AMSAT # 32411
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