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Re: instanttrack

That's the great thing about InstantTrack:  it will run on ANYTHING from the 
original 512K, floppy-only PC to today's fastest P-4 and Athlon 64 machines!

The file ITmanual.pdf, included in the distro, contains everything you need 
to know to get IT up and running.  If you can't read PDF files, ITmanual.txt 
is also included.  The main things are:  set the environment variable 
TZ=xxx#yyy in your autoexec.bat file, where xxx is your standard time zone 
designator (in my case, CST), # is the offset from UTC for standard time 
(again, in my case, 6), and yyy is your daylight time designator, if used 
(for me, CDT); make sure your PC clock is correct to within a few seconds, 
and launch the program with the correct EXE - use ITNCP.EXE if your XT box 
does NOT have a math coprocessor (80287) or IT.EXE if it does.

Once you have it up and running, use option 6, Housekeeping, to put in your 
station location parameters and to read in fresh keps.

IT is a great program:  I still keep a copy of it on an old 20 MHz 386 
laptop for display at Field Day, alongside my 2 GHz Athlon XP laptop which 
runs SatPC32 to control my radio and rotors.

73 de KA3HSW

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>I have instanttrack v 1.5 and want to put it on a xt box will it work? and 
>if so how do you get it to load?
> Thanks
> Jim
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