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RE: preamps

> I know I am going to regret posting this BUT,
> what is the BEST 2m or 70cm masthead preamp to use?  
> Cost not an issue.  
> Current use for LEOs and then HEO when we have one.  
> 8el 2m crossed quad
> 10el 70cm crossed quad
> -- 
> 73
> Jack Swart
> QF56oe

Sigh! The best is which have low enough noise figure not to ruin
the overall S/N, high enough gain to make your rig's needle to 
rise a little from zero and robust enough not to go into saturation
from nearby strong signals.

P-HEMT-amplifiers are amazing good.
Be aware those cheap "high gain" noise generators with over
0.5dB of noisefigure.

-Jari oh3uw
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