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Re: "L" band amp

At 10:51 AM 5/28/2005 -0700, Robert V Johnson wrote:
>I am shopping around for a L band amp.  Probably would be mounted at the
>antenna.  I have an IC1271A radio with about 10 watts out.  What is
>anyone using and what is available?
>73 Bob W7LRD


I have two amps for 1296:
1)  Made by DEMI, model 2318PA (uses a M57762 module) with 15w-SSB/18w-CW
output for 0.75w drive.  Kit cost=$165
2)  A 60w+ amp by KJ6KO which produces 2.5w/45w or 6w/70w output.  Cost=$200

I drive my amps with a DEMI xvtr which outputs 2.5w (max).
The DEMI amp is small and would antenna mount nice (but not wx-proof).  The
KJ6KO amp is big/heavy and requires 30-vdc /8-amps.  But half the cost of
DEMI's 60w amp.  I run mine stacking two Astron 13.8 volt PS to get 28-volts.

Ed - KL7UW  <new call>
BP40iq,  Nikiski, AK      http://www.qsl.net/al7eb
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