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Re: RE: Time to throw your az-el rotors out?

 The FPS-117 phased array is still in use worldwide. Also known as the 
pencil beam, it has 42 phased components. We thought the FAA was going to 
use it for it's ARSR-4 (replacement for the ARSR-3 radar). I even added code 
to one of my radar recording and performance programs and came up with a 
primary (search) height parameter of within 400' averaged over target track 
life, at the Gibbsboro, NJ 117 test site. This meets or exceeds the reported 
Mode C beacon performance for the same track. The FAA was considering using 
search height at the time, but decided not to as it would be too cost 
prohibitive to replace all our existing radar systems. The ARSR-4 replaced 
only 42 of them. The ARSR-4 also has a search height function. I don't think 
it is as good as the FPS-117's. We don't look at the ARSR-4's search height.

73 Jeff kb2m

> There was a transition period where some aircraft radar used hybrid
> antennas.  The azimuth scan was done in the usual mechanical way, and the
> elevation scan was done with phased array.  Much simpler to design and
> build, but the technology improved so quickly that there is little benefit
> now.
> Alan
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