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Re: [Fwd: Re: Time to throw your az-el rotors out?]

Joe Fitzgerald <jfitzgerald@alum.wpi.edu> wrote:

>Realistically, since hams tend to accept (albeit grudgingly) the downtime 
>of broken rotors, and repair labor is "free",  I think mechanical az-el 
>will be the most cost effective in the near term. But electrically 
>steerable arrays are wicked cool!

Electronically steerable antennas are nothing new,
but the way the folks in the original article are doing
it is interesting. Mechanical az-el is getting pricey,
and not just in the financial sense.

A long time ago I had a look at the possibility of making
an antenna for LEO data satellites, using a phased
array to point the main lobe at a suitable elevation.
Didn't get very far with it: I got a job instead. :-)

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