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Re: Amsat member?

At 12:37 AM 5/27/2005 +1000, Matt -VK2DAG- wrote:
>How does someone not in the US join AMSAT via the Website?
>The form just won't accept my address no matter what I do.  All I get is
>"All required fields were not filled out" about my billng address.  I live
>in the (Australian) country, and a PO Box is the only billing address I


I do not know what the solution is, but you may e-mail martha@amsat.org to
explain the trouble you are experiencing.  But you should not e-mail your
credit card info, so the website needs to be fixed.  There is a place on
the website for reporting "bugs", so the webmaster can address them (here
is the link that shows on the bottom of the main-page):

The Amsat-bb is not a good place to get help with the website.  Of course,
you may phone in your subscription to the Amsat office but that entails an
international call (which you probably want to avoid).

I sympathize with you, since my address is a PO Box, also.  My local post
office gets on my case when people address mail to my physical address.
They have to look up my file to get my box number for sorting such mail
into my box.  I have run into to this problem with other on-line ordering.
I guess "they" think "everyone" lives in a city with home delivery of mail.
 Oh well!

Just a former Bush Alaskan :-)

Ed - KL7UW  <new call>
BP40iq,  Nikiski, AK      http://www.qsl.net/al7eb
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