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re: Potential "Kep"s Dual IF downconverter ORDER!

HI .... ..
     i am working on a mass 3733 project.  i have a handful i want to mod and
     give away to those in need of s-mode.   oldies, but goodies.   i was also
     considering a   (13 lnc 72 dual i/f d/c.)    i would be interested, if there are
     10 or more.    thanks, let me know if it is a GO.    consider me as good for
      (1) of the above units, plus whatever is needed for time / handling on this
      side of the lake.   73, good idea to work as an army of one, instead of just
 some day, computers will do all this. thank you,,,,,,,,,, 
 Robert L. Coppock / kg6pib A amsat D org/ # 35488   
   -.-  --.  -....  .--.  ..  -...     
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