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FS: 13cm SS amplifiers

Subject: For Sale: 13cm solid-state amplifiers, 50-70 Watts out

Hi, all:
      This is a feeler to see if some folks in the weak signal community
have an interest in making their 13cm signals a bit stronger.
      I have built a number of 2304 MHz amplifiers and had some inquiries
as to whether I would build a few more. Sure. These are based on new,
commercial, solid-state LDMOS linear amplifiers, modified for ham use.
Complete, no tubes, no tuning, plug and play. The version available now is 
1 watt in, 50+ watts out. This is directly useable with Down East
1 watt output 13cm transverter. The response is flat from 2300 through 2400
MHz, and drops off about 1 db at 2448 MHz, so these work over all IARU
regions as well as the upcoming P3E satellite uplink. With 2 watts in, get
over 70 watts out. At these levels, they have adequate cooling for standard
IAS duty cycle SSB/CW operation but not ATV/FM (reduce power). Amplifiers
are complete, enclosed, with heat sinks and fans, have standard
ground-to-transmit PTT and require +24 to +28 VDC @ 12 to 16 amps
(depending on how hard you push them).  All have N connectors. Photos
available. All are burned in, swept and individually characterized. 
Asking $400 + shipping.
      Power supplies also available. These are new commercial units that
operate from 90 to 250VAC. Inquire. A pair of 13.5V transceiver supplies
or car batteries will work fine.
      I'm working on a 5 mW in / 70 Watt out version, but it's not done
And thinking about a 150 Watt (2 units combined in one case with driver)
version, too. If there is interest. let me know.


Ed Krome K9EK

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