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Potential "Kep"s Dual IF downconverter ORDER!

Is anyone interested in going in on an order to www.keps.it
<http://www.keps.it/>   to get some of their downconverters to the

The 13PBC2 - 01 - 2.4 GHz integrated patch feed and low noise block
converter (IF 144) is around US $ 285.

The 13LNC2 - PH - 2.4 GHz low noise P-HEMT down converter (IF 144/or IF 432)
is around US $ 195.

The 13LNC72 - DB - 2.4 GHz low noise P-HEMT down converter with DUAL  IF
144 + 432 is around US $ 175.

All cost is approx. depending on the exchange range. However, here is the
interesting stuff:

FedEx shipping charge for one downconverter is EUR 46.00 ($65.00)

For 4 units the charge is EUR 66.00 (that is 16.5 each, or $22.00 each)

For 10 units shipping is free (this is a discount that they apply for large

If we get ten (10) units the only cost is for repackaging and shipping
within the US/Canada.

Let me know and I will try to coordinate something.

Stefan, VE4NSA
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