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Re: L Band Help

On Wednesday 25 May 2005 22:17, Gary "Joe" Mayfield wrote:
>     They say if you can't find it at Dayton, it isn't out there.  If this
> is true there is no L Band gear out there.  I don't believe there isn't any
> L band gear, so I would like to know what folks are using for 1269 MHz.
>     I took a sizeable bankroll to Dayton for the purpose of acquiring
> something for 1269 and came up empty.  I had a nice long talk with the guy
> from Down East Microwave (he really is a nice guy BTW!).  His new improved
> 1296 transverter doesn't lend itself to retuning on 1269 (I had one in my
> hand to buy when he warned me).  The guy from SSB electronics was really
> nice too, but didn't have anything in stock that would work on 1269.  He
> did think he could import something for me.  I saw one L Band handi-talkie
> in the flea market at slightly above the eBay price, my hesitation was my
> downfall as when I went back to get it was gone.
>      The only other L band stuff was modules for the IC-910 and TS-2000
> (radios I don't own), so what are you using for 1269?
> Thanks and 73,
> Joe
> kk0sd

L band stuff is out there, but you have to look around.  I'm pretty sure I
saw a good looking IC-1271a for sale in the flea market.  I know people
who like their 1271's, after they fix the infamous trimmer cap problem.

I have a 1275a which I snared after patiently vulturizing for one in excess
of a couple of years.

I know there is at least one 1271a that could be for sale from someone on
either the icom or icomclassic lists.  Email me and I can dig that up if you'd

Likely the cheapest way to get on 1269 right now would be to find an ic-910h
and get the 23cm module for it.  My 910h was $850, and the UX-910 is going
for around $550 I believe, so while no one can call that "cheap", its out 
there.  I suppose the yaseu 736 might be another alternative.

I do wish there were more options.  I am so tired of the current offerings
by the big three in terms of interesting bands and modes.


--STeve Andre'
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