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L Band Help

    They say if you can't find it at Dayton, it isn't out there.  If this is
true there is no L Band gear out there.  I don't believe there isn't any L
band gear, so I would like to know what folks are using for 1269 MHz.

    I took a sizeable bankroll to Dayton for the purpose of acquiring
something for 1269 and came up empty.  I had a nice long talk with the guy
from Down East Microwave (he really is a nice guy BTW!).  His new improved
1296 transverter doesn't lend itself to retuning on 1269 (I had one in my
hand to buy when he warned me).  The guy from SSB electronics was really
nice too, but didn't have anything in stock that would work on 1269.  He did
think he could import something for me.  I saw one L Band handi-talkie in
the flea market at slightly above the eBay price, my hesitation was my
downfall as when I went back to get it was gone.

     The only other L band stuff was modules for the IC-910 and TS-2000
(radios I don't own), so what are you using for 1269?

Thanks and 73,
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