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Re: Why V/S in stead of U/S

Dave G. wrote:

 > I have an FT847...Which means I am at "entry level"

An FT-847 didn't used to be "entry level". "Entry level" for me was an 
HT and an Arrow.  Things have escalated.

Mike Murphree wrote:

> IIRC, the lower limit on the Drake's IF was around 300 MHz.  If you
> changed the crystal alone for a VHF IF, then you lost a lot of gain. 

I didn't change anything in the Drake. I didn't need to; it worked fine 
around 120 MHz IF.  That's why I said "out of the box".

People were doing all kind of mods to optimize Drake performance in a 
V/S system. I suppose if I'd taken it out of service and done some of 
them I might have gotten more use out of AO-40. But then after only two 
years I would have had a hacked Drake tweaked for use in a mode that 
won't be available again until P3-E or Eagle fly. (Yes, I do know that 
with redundant dual-band transceivers, downconverter IF choices won't 
impact what uplink bands you have available, but I don't have that luxury.)

> As to why this personal inconvenience has been levied upon you, Andrew
> explained it a couple of days ago:

I did read that (in fact I was responding to it) and the summary I take 
away is "AO-51 wasn't designed to do V/S". My response is "That's a 
shame." So if I use it, I'll use it V/U. It's "Hobson's choice".

And the topic is a horse too...a dead one. I'm done whipping it.

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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