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Re: Why V/S in stead of U/S

I agree with Maggie --- especially on two points...

> I don't consider it an "entry point" either. "Cost-of 
> entry" (by which I meant "entry to S downlink operations") 
> doesn't mean quite the same thing as "entry level".

I have an FT847 -- therefore I already have 144/432 transmit 
and receive capability without a need to acquire further 
equipment. Which means I am at "entry level", which leads to 
Maggie's next point..

> Look, people,major headache if you already equipped for U/S on a
> shoestring. Obviously a lot of you have an equipment budget
> where that's not an issue for you, so you can quit explaining
> to poor old Maggie why she's wrong.

I am on Social Security with a House Payment to make as well 
as Utilities. Insurance and Medical Bills (I'm NOT 
complaining - just explaining) which leaves very little 
moolah for other uses...

And as for Andrews' comment
>>On a personal note, I don't know any sat ops with S band 
>>that do not have a second 2m FM transmitter. 

There appears to be a minor problem... If you have S band 
then you already have a second 2M FM transmitter (I do not 
have one!!) which means additional hardware to acquire if you 
do not already have one!! 

Yes! I *CAN* and *DO* still build antennae from wire and wood 
and PVC tubing - but what about a tower (don't have one) to 
clear the trees surrounding this city lot, a rotator for the 
beams(Buy??), a downconverter to front end my FT847 (Buy??), 
a transverter kit (Buy??)... and all the rest of the 

I do not think that I am the only AMSAT member to be in a 
financial bind... I'm not that special...

I am definitely all for supporting the experimenters', 
sitting on the cutting edge of technology, pushing the 
envelope, I was there myself once... but please do not forget 
those of us who cannot, for whatever reason, join them... we 
would also like to continue to enjoy using this communication 

Just my $0.02 worth..

(turn Whine mode 'OFF')

Dave KK7SS 
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