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Re: Dayton, Transverters, S band antennas and a bunch of other stuff

Guys -- Please keep it comming -- im starting to get excited now -- LOL

I am rapidly finding that this stuff is going to be much more 
achieveable that I thought

I was fearing 3K to 5K plus in expenses to get started and wondering how 
in the world I could make it all work


Edward R. Cole wrote:

>At 07:42 AM 5/25/2005 -0400, Timothy A. Holmes (W8TAH) wrote:
>>Good Morning!!!
>>First off, I would like to congratulate the gang from Dayton -- you 
>>folks did a wonderful job with the booth, and I really enjoyed meeting 
>>all of you .  To the guys who ran the 10:30 demo with FO29 and AO51 -- 
>>NICE JOB, You showed me how easy it is do do some of that stuff, and I 
>>was very impressed. 
>>While at that demo, they showed off a little switchable transverter for 
>>2.4 (I think it was)  they mentioned that it came from Italy, and could 
>>be switched so the output was on either 440 band or 2 meters, can 
>>someone enlighten me about this piece of equipment,  Also -- I noticed 
>>that the S band antennas were much smaller than I had invisioned, I 
>>would appreciate comments etc,  (they were using a small corner yagi, 
>>and another guy there had a patch of some kind.
>>Right now, my shack consists of a Yaesu VX5-R, a VX 7R, an ICOM 
>>706MKIIG, and an old Kenwood TS520.  I would really like to start 
>>getting on the Sats, but like everyone, money is a problem.  My plan 
>>right now is to build a set of Texas Potato Mashers (i cant afford an 
>>EL/AZ rotor) and start trying to get on (right now all I have is a 2m / 
>>440 vertical.  (But I did hear hamsat on it the other night, however i 
>>havent yet heard AO51 --- Gotta keep workin on that one -- LOL
>>I heard someone mention a transverter that would go to 10m from either 
>>440 or 2 m the other night, and i suspect that that might work nicely 
>>for the Sideband birds, using my 706 for uplink and the TS520 for 
>>downlink -- It has great ears, but I seem to have lost the e-mail
>>I guess what I need is some suggestions of directions etc, as well as 
>>the most cost effective (read cheap) ways to get myself on the air.
>>Thanks for your time
>>Tim Holmes
>>Amateur Extra Operator - W8TAH
>I never got around to making one but the "potato mashers" would be a good
>begining antenna that is fairly cheap to make.  I believe the IC706 will
>run 2m and 70cm SSB, so that is a good start.  One of your Yaesu's could be
>used on 2m-FM for AO-51 with the IC706 and those antennas.
>Another way to go is to look at Bob Bruninga's simple antenna tracking
>using a inexpensive Radio Shack rotor and fix the antennas pointing
>30-degrees elevation...just rotate in azimuth.  You could build some
>inexpensive small yagis, say 3-4 element on 145 and 6 element on 435
>following Kent Britain's designs from CQ VHF Magazine...basically some wire
>and a wood boom.  This would work well on just about everything up in orbit
>right now.
>You might thing of getting a 28/144 xvtr for the TS520 for 2m-SSB.  They
>are often sold used on e-bay or even here on amsat-bb.  You only need about
>10w for now.  Hamtronics makes low cost xvtrs and so does Tentec.
>Then as you can you could improve, you set up to get ready for P3E, being
>launched as soon as next spring!  For P3E you will want full az-el and
>bigger beams on 145 and 435.  Trade for used equipment is my advice.  After
>a dry spell on ham radio, I started re-building my ham shack in 1996 with a
>tentec scout and 432/28 xvtr and a HF Rcvr tuned to the 10.7 MHz IF of an
>old 2m FM mobile radio.  I had remnants of old cushcraft antennas and
>manually set my elevation with an old CDR-44 azimuth rotator.  In a couple
>years I traded the Scout for a used FT-840 and bought a 28/144 xvtr.  A few
>years later I traded everything and bought my FT-847 with only $600 added.
>The FT-847 cost $1600 then....now can be had for $1200 new and less used.
>Or get a used FT-736R in the $1000 range.
>Going to s-band will take a converter and small antenna for AO-51.  But for
>P3E you will want a small dish 2-foot or bigger and full az-el.  Why not
>get a patch which you can use as a dish feed, later?  I will leave
>suggestions on s-band converters to others.  The dual-IF Italian convertor
>is spendy if memory is correct.  K5GNA was selling a decent converter for
>under $100.  Add a preamp for P3E.
>But working your way up, gradually, you can keep costs to a minimum by
>I am sure others will give better ideas on how to use what you have.
>Ed - KL7UW  <new call>
>BP40iq,  Nikiski, AK      http://www.qsl.net/al7eb
>Amsat #3212
>Modes: V - U - L - S
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