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Re: Re: Why V/S in stead of U/S


Here's an additional point to consider---I wouldn't consider the S-band transmitter on AO-51 to be an "entry point."  Rather, the FM "easy sat" configuration is.  S-band operations are still pretty much "special" and operations on this band for A0-51 are clearly in the minority.  Lots of folks are working AO-51 on Arrows/rubber ducks/0.25 wave ground planes with dual band HTs.

An analogous situation is the C/R/X bands that will appear on P3E and Eagle.  These satellites will have these capabilities, but they won't be the "entry point" for working these birds.  The bread and butter operations will be something a "standard" satellite station will be able to work.  Such is the case for AO-51...


Mark N8MH

> My point is that if the price-of-entry for each new satellite adds to 
> the cost and complexity of existing ground stations, the incentive to 
> use them will be reduced. It's too late to avoid that for AO-51 
> S-downlink. Let's try to keep it in mind in the future.
>   73 de Maggie K3XS

Mark L. Hammond    [N8MH]
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