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Re: Why V/S in stead of U/S

Margaret Leber said:
> No big deal *IF* you have a downconverter with a UHF IF (which would
> have been useless with AO-40 without an extra UHF receiver). Having
> *two* S downconverters, one on UHF and one on VHF could be even better
> than one, even one with a switchable IF.  (I have two Drakes, but
> they're both 2880s, with VHF IF.)  I even had one helpful person suggest
>  in a private email I install a 10m-2m transmit converter.

It's no big deal if you change the crystal to 7.68 MHz in one of your
Drakes.  I mentioned this to JN1GKZ years ago, and it's documented here

The Drake required no IF mods if you converted to the 430 MHz IF and the
crystal is commonly available at DigiKey, etc.

> My point is that if the price-of-entry for each new satellite adds to
> the cost and complexity of existing ground stations, the incentive to
> use them will be reduced. It's too late to avoid that for AO-51
> S-downlink. Let's try to keep it in mind in the future.

It wasn't the price of entry, you wanted to operate a new mode and you
need different equipment to do it.  AO-51 already supported equipment that
most hams had...

Mike W4LNA
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