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Try V/s, you just might like it

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> Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 19:27:35 -0400
> From: Margaret Leber
> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Why V/S  in stead of U/S
> And give up the satellite frequency/mode memories, computer control and
> frequency tracking functions of the 847, make sure the HT is in the
> shack (and not in my purse or on the charger, neither of which I keep in
> the shack), make sure the V uplink is sufficiently isolated from the
> V-IF while patching the coax around, forget about using my Heil HM-11
> microphone and footswitch because I'm using the cell-phone-quality mic
> and PTT on the HT...but then that's no biggie, I can just go back to
> working like Andrew KB9OOH, even with his $165 dual IF downconverter and
> $320 G3RUH dish:

Hi Maggie and the list,

I was unsure how I would be able to work AO-51 in mode V/s, even though I
have 4 different rigs with 2 meter capability. I spent a little time
considering my options, but finally gave it a shot yesterday and had a lot
of fun! My setup was far from ideal, but having fun and learning what I can
do with the equipment I have is what's important to me.

I originally thought about using my AIDC 3731 d/c from my AO-40 station, but
it uses a 2m IF, and I planned to use my 2M HT for the uplink.

I remembered buying a few downconverters on Ebay (for 99 cents each). These
units use a 123 MHz IF, so I expected no problems with desense, etc. Antenna
was the LHCP helix feed from my Primestar dish. Downlink radio was my Icom
207h mobile rig, which has been modified for extended RX.

Uplink was my old Radio Shack HTX-202 HT with rubber duck! I worked W7JPI
using 1/2 watt! My results would have been much better with some practice
and a better uplink antenna. I had a lot of fun and look forward to trying
it again.

If this bird was S/v I'd expect to hear some objections! hi hi


Kyle Yoksh
Olathe, Kansas
Amsat# 35249
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