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RE: AO-27 over DM65 @ 0049 with handheld and arrow


    I used a broom handle and added a couple feet to the handle.  I mounted 
the handneld to the extension so I could PTT and point antennas with the 
same hand.  Now with a headset mic I actually have a "free" hand to log 
contacts.  This allows me to rest the antenna/radio against my hip while 
talking and pointing.


---- 2/3s the way home from Dayton.  Looks like I'll be doing some yard work 
before I return to SD!

I finally picked up an Arrow and some other goodies to use with
my IC-W32A, and worked AO-27 for two passes tonight.  It is
great to hear AO-27 back up and functional.  It's even more fun
to do it with a hand held.

I don't know if it's the weight of the Arrow or the fact that I have
started doing sword work in my martial arts, but my arm is sore
from holding the Arrow up.  I think I will try to find a way to
extend the handle another eight inches so that it can rest against
my forearm.

Thanks the great QSO's John (K7MP) and Howard (K6IA).

-Freeman, N5FPP
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