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Re: Why V/S in stead of U/S

Ryan Butler wrote:

> But you have a VHF antenna none of the less?  If so, a SMA to PL259 or
> BNC to PL259 jumper or adapter will allow you to use the HT as the
> uplink...a $5 realignment...

And give up the satellite frequency/mode memories, computer control and 
frequency tracking functions of the 847, make sure the HT is in the 
shack (and not in my purse or on the charger, neither of which I keep in 
the shack), make sure the V uplink is sufficiently isolated from the 
V-IF while patching the coax around, forget about using my Heil HM-11 
microphone and footswitch because I'm using the cell-phone-quality mic 
and PTT on the HT...but then that's no biggie, I can just go back to 
working like Andrew KB9OOH, even with his $165 dual IF downconverter and 
$320 G3RUH dish:

> Unfortunately, because of my "setup" (i.e. no hands free!), I
> wasn't able to write down the call-signs of those I attempted to
> contact... 

Then back it all out when the next pass on a different bird comes up.

Ryn, I hope you got a good price for your Icom 821H at Dayton. You'll 
have to forgive me for not being ready to obsolete most of my FT-847 
based station and go back to an HT (or two) just yet...I see it as a bit 
more than a "$5.00 realignment".

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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