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Re: Why V/S in stead of U/S

Steve Meuse wrote:

> So, we should build to the lowest common dinominator? 

That's the argument we heard when S ended up being the only working 
downlink on AO-40 (not by design, of course). I went to the additional 
effort of adding S-band RX and was rewarded by (temporarily) being able 
to work a new Molniya-orbit bird. I was able to do this because U/S was 
relatively easy to add. V/S is not as easy.

Building birds to the "lowest common denominator" is one thing...but 
having each new bird essentially require a new station is quite another. 
Current satellite lifetimes may not justify turning over large amounts 
of ground station equipment to participate in each new project. 
Otherwise all new satellites could already be exclusively on microwave 

Bear in mind that not all "common denominators" are ipso facto 
"lowest"--some commonality is required or you end up talking only to 

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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