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Re: Why V/S in stead of U/S

Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:

> On a personal note, I don't know any sat ops with S band that do not
> have a second 2m FM transmitter. Just about anything will work on the
> uplink, demonstrated by the dozens of QSOs made on just 5 watts and a
> rubber duck for uplinking during the last 2 V/S sessions. Visitors to
> the Dayton Hamvention demonstrations can attest to this.

On a personal note, *I* don't have a second 2m FM transmitter in my 
shack other than an HT unlikely to be heard from a satellite when indoors.

I added S-band recieve capability at a fortuitous time, just in time to 
operate on AO-40's first day of operations...and before too long the 
heavily used S2-downlink was diluted beyond usability with the antenna I 
had used quite successfully only a few months before. It's too bad AO-40 
didn't survive, and *really* too bad that the S1 transmitter didn't, 
because it had a much louder signal than S2.

Making the "default" uplink band for an S-band downlink VHF rather than 
UHF obsoletes my station as far as S-band is concerned; I'm simply not 
in a position to run S-RX and V-TX simultaneously, because my S-band 
downcoverter IF is VHF. This approach made S-RX achievable without a 
huge expenditure on an existing single satllite transceiver satellite 
station built around an FT-847.

It sure is nice to hear about how loud the new S-band downlink is. It 
sure is a shame I can't work it without substantially rebuilding my 

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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